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Coboconk Lions Travel Anywhere - "Yes, Absolutely Anywhere"



Ticket Prices


An individual ticket


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How To Get Tickets


There are different ways to purchase a ticket in person.

  • You can purchase a ticket or book of tickets from any member of the Coboconk Lions Club: Rob Dasovic, Bev Parsons, John Byrne, Elaine Rowden, Paul and Barb Tomlinson, David Lennox, Glenn and Dale Houghton, Tom Kinakou, Peter and Mary Visser, Murray Walker, Ted and Pat Stone, Sherry Stewart, Bill Barber, Liz Cardno, Rob and Suzanne Grace, John and Josie Harlow, David and Carole Parsons, Sharon Yeo and Marion Mallet. 

  • In Coboconk, tickets are on sale at Souters Variety and RONA

  • You can purchase a ticket with a cheque; click here for more information

  • You can purchase a ticket using a credit card; click here for more information